My Secret Dream

I have a secret dream in life, that I hold close to my heart. I’m prepared to reveal it to you, dear friends, because I trust you, and love you.

This is my dream…

A friend and I, or ideally my brother Marcus, because he’s already studied it a bit, will learn Arabic fluently. That’s stage one. It’s do-able.

Stage two: Once we’ve nailed the Arabic, we’ll meet up in a cafe somewhere. We’ll act suspicious and meet separately, and get a table. Up to this point, we’ll be speaking English. Got it? Good.

Okay. Stage three: We’ll sit and have a drink; hang out for a bit, or whatever. Totally normal. Then however, we’ll start an argument about something, and we’ll make a big thing out of it. We’ll get louder and louder, still in English, and get people’s attention.

Stage four: here’s the good part. As we start yelling louder and louder, we’ll begin to transition our language into Arabic, and start getting up from our seats, until finally; in a full cafe, we’ll be standing there, yelling at each other in Arabic.

Stage five: the epilogue. We stop. We sit back down. We pay our bill, and then we leave in separate directions. Everyone in the restaurant starts whispering amongst themselves. They don’t want to make assumptions just because of what language we were speaking, but we all know they will… And none of them will ever know the truth.

It’ll be hard work learning it, but damn… A man can dream, can’t he?