The Saddest Man Alive

*Ring Ring*

Me: Good afternoon; The Angel Inn.

Guy: Oh, hi there. Umm… I was just wondering if I could ask you a quick question.

Me: Yeah, of course.

Guy: Umm… So basically, I work at [a nearby hotel] and one of our guests has asked me to call all the nearby restaurants to ask something.

Me: Oh, right. That must be a bit of a pain! What is it?

Guy: Haha, yeah… It is… But, uhhh… He wants to know… Well, do you serve lamb chops?

Me: Uhh, no. I’m afraid not.

Guy: Oh.

Me: But, we do have some other lamb dishes. We have…

Guy: No… No. That’s fine. He… *sigh* … He wants lamb chops.

Me: Oh, right… Sorry.

Guy: Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ll just keep trying.

Me: Well… Good luck.

Guy: Yeah… Thanks.