What the hell is ‘A Good Day’?

I find it weird, the concept of ‘a good day’. A good day for me might, if I’m lucky, involve me leaving the house. I define a good day as a day where I don’t have to go to work, but I shower anyway. There are stock brokers and computer nerds and sports stars and so on, who can make millions on a good day. There are people who invent stuff, or save lives, or make movies and shit like that every day.

Like, the best day I’ve had recently, involved leaving the house on a non-work day for more than the time it takes to get a coke and a microwaveable meal from the corner shop down the road. That’s, action packed to me. I mean, my treat of the month, might be going out to dinner or something, and there are people who can do things I’d never dream of, and refer to it as a normal day.

I guess the point I’m making is firstly, how weird is it that what I can qualify as a good day, is so irrelevant when weighed against what someone else can achieve, that to them, my ‘good day’ might seem like a fucking nightmare; maybe I’ll learn something new on guitar, or I’ll write a blog or I’ll go for a swim. That’s literally the best I can think of; but with 24 hours in a day, that is a lot of mind-numbing nothing in between.

My second point however, is am I as bored with my non-special days as someone with an exciting life would be with theirs? Would they be as disappointed with their day if they only earned half a million, or didn’t have time for third base jump, or only shot a couple of scenes for their new movie; as I would be if I yet again, didn’t get out of bed until three in the afternoon and didn’t put clothes on until six; or would they be like, “Well that kinda sucked, but my life is still fucking awesome.”