A recent study has linked pesticides to plunging bee populations…

I’ll be honest; I like bees, and I get that bees are important. The necessity of insect pollination is the reason the world is full of lovely, pretty, sweet smelling flowers. I like honey, that’s cool. I like looking at bumble bees, they’re cute. I like the noise. I like the way that when they sting something, they die, because it makes them seem like anthophila suicide bombers.

Having said that, after reading about “a steep decline in bee populations”, I’m really struggling to think of something I could possibly give less of a fuck about.

I mean, come on… Most of us barely care about the African genocides. How can we bee (get it?) expected to care about insect genocides…?

P.S. I want to meet the nutty scientist who said “There don’t seem to be quite as many bees around as there used to be.”

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