I’m just saying what we’re all thinking, Mr Triple Play

So I’m clicking around on Amazon, looking to buy some new DVDs. I’m actually buying Blu-Rays, but it makes me feel pretentious to call them that, because it basically implies that yes, I do have a 42 inch HD plasma screen, so I’ll keep calling them DVDs for now. Anyway, so I’m buying Blu-Rays (I don’t have to hide my success from you losers), but all I keep finding is these bizarre Triple Play sets. Basically it means that if you want to buy a movie on Blu-Ray, you also get the DVD version, and the digital version of the same movie with it.

That makes sense. Because sometimes when I watch a film in HD, I think to myself “Now what would that exact same film look like in slightly lower resolution?”. Then, after another two hours of watching the film I just watched, I think to myself “Now what would that look like on a small laptop screen, as opposed to a 42 inch HD plasma screen, with tinny sound and a dulling backlight?” Now perhaps it’s because three members of the same family want to watch the same film at the same time, but in order to maintain an appropriate hierarchy, they have to watch the film in varying qualities. Perhaps the man of the house gets the Blu-Ray on the plasma screen, the wife gets the DVD on the small TV in the kitchen or bedroom, and the son or daughter has to watch it on their computer with headphones. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

What I do know is this. Triple Play box sets are a stupid idea.