Oh well… There goes the last of my inheritance…

There was a really nice customer at work today who came up to the bar to pay for his meal. It was about £40 which I charged to his card. As I gave him his receipt, he handed me a note, and said “and this is for the service, thank you.”

Now, the standard amount to tip in England, that few people even do, is 10%. This young man handed me a £10 note for a £40 meal, so I though him very generous. However, as soon as he gave me the note, he looked at it and widened his eyes. He then looked back at me and smiled nervously before looking back at the note and hurriedly departing.

I think perhaps he was intending to have given me a £5 note… I immediately began thinking of him walking home through the storm after having no taxi money, or running out of petrol on the drive back. I wanted to say something, but it was too awkward.

Oh well… A tenner for me is pretty good anyway.