Do they know it’s Christmas time? Well, no… Obviously not.

I know it’s pretty tacky to have a go at a charity song, but we’ve got that old Band Aid ‘Feed The World’ song playing over and over again at work, and it’s really starting to dig at me. Okay, I get the premise and the concept and it’s all lovely and friendly and warm and fuzzy-wuzzy and whatever… But here’s what irritates me… Probably a little more than it should

“And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas…”

Well… No… There won’t be. December to march are some of them hottest months. It wouldn’t strictly be called ‘summer’, but it is a period of warm, wet humidity. So that’s sort of stupid. And it’s not exactly a charity situation. So what if there isn’t snow? Must it conform to our acclimated notion of what Christmas looks like with all the mittens and scarves and sledging and snowballs and whatever? It’s summer in Australia and they love Christmas…

“Let them know it’s Christmas time.”

While Christianity is a fairly close second, the most common religion in Africa is Islam, along with many sects of ‘Traditional African Religions’… So letting them know that it’s ‘Christmas time’ isn’t really going to mean a whole lot to them. They won’t care. In fact, they’ll probably be a little annoyed about the holiday festivities of a different belief system being thrust upon them. Perhaps Band Aid were only talking to the Christian percentage of the African populous… But then that’s not fair, is it!?

Anyway… This is of course, written in jest, and the point of the song is lovely and altruistic and so on… But still… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t let a few ill-researched lyrics of a song written four years before I was born get on my nerves every now and then.