“Oh, this? It’s just my Roman Gladiator helmet. Yeah, I’m a Roman Gladiator now!”

So there’s this guy in my building, who lives in the flat across the hall. He’s probably about 35 years old. He’s kind of weird looking; skinny and gangly and ginger. He doesn’t collect his mail for months at a time and then empties it all into a black bag before chucking it in the bin. He also apparently lives with his mother, but I’ve never ever seen her going in or out of the flat. Weird.

Anyway, so a few months back, my girlfriend Becky and I saw him in a ‘NASA’ baseball-style cap. We bumped into him in the hall and he started unsubtly trying to sneak into a short bit of small talk that he had been accepted into a NASA space programme and was soon be heading to the US of A? He┬ádidn’t strike me as being particularly intelligent or physically fit, but I smiled and nodded along. Becky mentioned it to him a while later, and he told her that he’d turned it down because he wanted to take care of that mother of his that no one’s ever seen.

Now, perhaps it was true and he’s not only a genius / rocket scientist, but also a kind and caring son; or perhaps he just has a collection of branded hats that are to insight the assumption that he is a slightly more interesting person than he really is, I don’t know… but then again, today he did smile at me in the corridor while tugging the peak of his ‘POLICE’ cap.