You can love Justin Bieber’s music if you must, but honestly now… You don’t really love HIM, do you…

Why has the western world gotten so obsessive all of a sudden? Is it media saturation or is it kids having a greater ability to express their views via the internet or is it some bizarre fog of dismay that has descended on the world leaving us all clinging to heroes?

Okay, when I was younger I liked, say… Bill & Ted movies, or maybe Batman or James Bond… I can’t really think of many film franchises that I was particularly into… But nothing like kids killing each other to be first in line to see Twillight or Harry Potter! I did not, nor did anyone else I know (male or female), have posters of pop stars that I kissed good night or any of that bullshit. When I was younger, I liked Jimmy Eat World. I liked them. I also liked The Shins and Andrew McMahon. I didn’t love and obsess over them the way kids nowadays do about Justin Bieber or One Direction or Lady Gaga. No one from my age group was modelling their hair after teen icons, or buying the clothes that they saw a pop star wear or giving half a shit about celebrity relationships.

I already get annoyed by celebrity culture. That’s a rant for another day… But this sudden permeation of teen idol obsession really creeps me out… So no, 12 year olds on twitter; you do not personally love Justin Bieber, because you have never and will never meet him or speak to him, beyond being one of the million faces he may say “I love you, guys!” to after seeing them queue up backstage for 9 hours. No, you are not ‘little monsters‘, raised by your ‘mother monster‘, Lady Gaga.

And while we’re at this… Little girls: Stop being so sexually-minded! I don’t care how fit the guys from One Direction or whatever are, you don’t want to marry them and kiss them and shit… You’re twelve! Go play in the grass with the other girls. You only have a few years of innocence left; don’t ruin it by burdening yourselves with the desires of older girls… You have your whole lives to be slutty and clingy if thats what you really want… Be a kid while you have a bloody chance.