Monthly Archives: November 2011

The unbelievable difficulty of getting one’s underwear on correctly…

At some point today, mid way through my eight hour shift, I noticed that my boxers were inside out. How I had managed to mis-dress myself in such a manner is quite beyond me, but I figured it wouldn’t matter too much. However, it eventually started niggling at me to have buttons pressing against my […]

You can love Justin Bieber’s music if you must, but honestly now… You don’t really love HIM, do you…

Why has the western world gotten so obsessive all of a sudden? Is it media saturation or is it kids having a greater ability to express their views via the internet or is it some bizarre fog of dismay that has descended on the world leaving us all clinging to heroes?

So these assholes came over to the bar…

Okay, so like every other Friday night… I’ve been at work. Standard shift, working on the bar. Boring, annoying, pointless. Anyway, after a while, these four guys came over.


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