Monthly Archives: October 2011

A few things that piss me off about Tintin

I’m cool with Robin being a crime fighting kid, because it’s all explained. Kid Flash, Superboy… It all makes sense in an obviously fictional world, but I do not understand the logistics of Tintin. When first conceived (as in the idea of the comic, not when his parents had sex), Tintin was designed to be […]

Groundhog Hour

I just thought of something weird, and now there’s no chance I can sleep until I’ve written it down. Okay. At the end of this month, the clocks roll back an hour. This occurs at midnight. There are three possible scenarios in which this situation can take place. Scenario 1: The clock strikes 12, and […]

Oh My Bloody Christ

I was walking back from a tiring day at work. I was exhausted, sweaty and grumpy. I CLEARLY had my earphones in, minding my own fucking business, when I was suddenly ambushed by two 7 ft tall morons… Sorry, Mormons! The first guy spotted me, and ran out into the road over in my direction. […]


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