Monthly Archives: August 2011

Menstrual Kombat

I just thought of an awesome way for women to do battle. Fucking up each other’s menstrual cycles. Basically, if there was a lady who’s period came around the 8th of the month, and a lady who’s period came around the 24th of the month… It would be like a battle to see who’s hormones […]

Batman Returns

As the title suggests, I re-watched Batman Returns last night, and it’s kind of weird because all of the old Batman films are quite campy and lame and a little bit cheesy and then suddenly Danny DeVito is planning on kidnapping everyone’s first born son and drowning them in the sewer and I find myself […]

Why I Like Writing

I’m not very good at talking… I don’t do it very much. I’m a big sufferer of‘L’esprit de l’escalier’, or ‘The wit of the staircase’. In other words… I’ll think of something great to add to a conversation about ten minutes after it’s ended, or I’ll think of a witty comeback to someone’s insult just […]

Rape Jokes

I was told off by someone on twitter, for making a joke about how people make rape jokes. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing in life that can’t be made fun of. Horrific, unspeakable, unfathomably evil shit happens all the time in this world, and being all repressed and stoic about it won’t change […]

The Thing I Never Got About Green Lantern

So, Hal was the first human member of The Corps after hundreds of thousands of years… Was it just a coincidence, that when translated into English for the first time, they found out that the oath rhymed…?


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