Osama: The REAL Story

A friend at work alerted me to a terrifying story he found in The Sun (the most reliable of sources) today, so I grudgingly ambled over to see the following harrowing headline…


Scary right? I’ll ignore the fact that they referred to him simply as ‘bin’ without perhaps realising that ‘bin’ is Arabic for ‘son of’, and is of course not to be applied in the same way as a surname would be in England. Anyway, It states that there were plans in the works for “an apocalyptic terror strike on Los Angeles – with simultaneous attacks on aircraft AND trains”.

Yikes, I thought. And I said to my colleague, “I’m surprised Osama isn’t on the front page.”

To which he replied that he was on the front page… But for another story that they deemed more important than the page 6 Los Angeles Massacre.